Micall Parknsun


Rapper and producer from Tottenham, London



Release Year
Still... 2023
Attention to Detail 2022
The Fourth Quarter 2022
Me Myself And My Beat Tape, Vol. 2 2022
The 3rd Tier 2021
Belfast to London 2021
The Graftwork EP 2021
The 3rd Tier (The Second Strain) 2021
Twelve Bricks 2020
Me Myself and My Beat Tape, Vol. 1 2020
Everynight Grind 2020
Spin Cycle 2020
Back In Business 2020
The Magnum Opus 2019
Everyday Craft 2019
Bipolar Bear 2019
Finish What We Started 2018
Over P's 2018
Six Bricks EP 2017
Practicing Tag Team Moves 2017
I Should've Done This Time Ago 2014
Me Myself And Akai 2012
First Second Time Around 2009
The Interview Mixtape 2006
Working Class Dad 2005


Artist Track Album Year
Baileys Brown We Da Best Everything Was Lovely 2023
Baileys Brown LOOP DIGGER Got It Down 2022
Mick Swagger Bars for Life Magnifique 2021
Mick Swagger Love for You Magnifique 2021
cosm Mount Olympus Aspetta 2021
Whirlwind D Without Music Without Music 2021
Uncle Mic Nitro New Planet Goons Vincent On Horseback 2020
Pitch 92 Heard It Before 3rd Culture 2019
Gawd Status I Am An African Firmamentum 2019
Ramson Badbonez Money In The Bag Ramson BadBonez & Company 2018
Vandal Savage 1000th Prestige 1000th Prestige 2016
One OZ Flipped Out The Land of Oz 2016
One OZ The Fire The Land of Oz 2016
SonnyJim Bow Live @ The Bonanza 2015
Ramson Badbonez Cosmic Tides Silva Surfa 2015
Illinformed & Verb T I Can't Stop The Man with the Foggy Eyes 2015
One OZ They Live Transorbital Labotomy 2015
Jazz T We don't play Run the Changes 2015
One OZ Piffsmoke 1st Class Recorded Delivery the EP 2013
Life MC The Right Path Gift Of Life 2013
Dubbledge All The Way Spread L.U.V. 2012
Joker Starr Yeah Blood-Ren 2012
SonnyJim Grindin (Boot Remix) The Psychonaut Remixes 2011
SonnyJim Grindin (Jehst Remix) The Psychonaut 2011
Ghost Need Cash Best Kept Secrets Vol 1 2011
Jon Phonics Buried Below The Ground Half Past Calm 2 2010
Wordsmith Lok Dat In Pursuit of Harmony 2009
Wordsmith The Coalition In Pursuit of Harmony 2009
Savvy Rice & Peas Play 2 Win Vol. 2 2008
Rob Bradley The Program The Union Jack Album 2008
DJ IQ Neva Be Presents: Live! From The Sofa 2007
Dubbledge Rice & Peas (Radio) Rice & Peas 2007
Sir Smurf Lil' Concrete Shoes Myalpha 2006