Ramson Badbonez


Rapper from Highbury, London



Release Year
House of Hybrids 2023
Panther Funk 2023
Fusion 2022
Skeleton Key Instrumentals 2022
Dark City 2021
Lead by Example 2021
Give BadBonez A Break 2 2021
Death Mask 2020
Love Music 2020
Mic Day the 13th 2019
Stand Up 2019
Jason Bonez 2018
The Missing Joints 2018
Ramson BadBonez & Company 2018
Hypnodic 2017
Nagasaki Youth Club 2016
Silva Surfa 2015
Bone Marrow Vol.2 2014
A Year in the Life of Oscar the Slouch 2013
Bad 2 da Bone off Cuts 2013
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 2013
Bad Influence 2012
The Remixes 2012
Tales From The Staircase: Chapter 2 2011
The Words EP 2011
Buried Bonez 2011
Bone Marrow Vol 1 2011
R.I.P. B.I.G 2011
The Official Volume 2 2010
Give Badbonez A Break 2010
The Official Mixtape Vol.1 2009
Tales From The Staircase: Chapter 1 2009


Artist Track Album Year
Cyclonious Jhonny Silverhand The Sound Of Calligraphy 2023
Old Children Louder Push Start 2022
Uncle Mic Nitro Bod Gets Slapped Up Rorshach Temper Compendium... 2020
Uncle Mic Nitro Bod Gets Slapped Up (Krash Slaughta Remix) Vincent On Horseback 2020
Ray Vendetta Closed society Calculated Vendettaz 2016
Jazz T Legends of the decks Run the Changes 2015
Genesis Elijah Underground King RMX Private Moments In Public 2014
Baileys Brown Somewhere Else Eyes Speak Louder Than Words 2013
Micall Parknsun Money In The Bag Me Myself And Akai 2012
Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik Monster Things How Not To Make A Living 2012
Twizzy R.A.T.E part 2 Baileys Brown Musical Vol.2 2011
Jon Phonics Pump Half Past Calm 2 2010
Rewd Adams Matrix Reloaded Hunger Pains 2009
Illaman Bits 'N' Bars Presents the Things Mixtape 2007
Verb T Equal Portions Bring It Back To Basics 2006
Mr. Ti2bs Another Sad Song From My Manor To Your Manor 2004