Genesis Elijah


Rapper from Brixton, London now based in Watford



Release Year
Vision 2021
Version 2021
A Prophet In His Hometown. . . 2021
None Of You Can XXXX With Me 2021
The Creature From Beneath The Mainstream 2020
It Will All End In Tears 2019
Private Moments In Public 2014
I Ain't Even Charging Bruv 2 2012
An Emcee's Worst Enemy 2012
Painkillers & Pilkington 2012
I Ain't Even Charging Bruv 2011
Before I Was Famous 2010
Civil Unrest 2010
The Industrial Revolution Mixtape 2006
Pimp Principle EP 2005
Deh Pon Road 2005


Artist Track Album Year
Twizzy The Blues Crabs In A Bucket 2021
Kingpin Gold Nothing To Say 2018
Kingpin Nothing to Say Nothing To Say 2018
Ramson Badbonez Underground King RMX Ramson BadBonez & Company 2018
Twizzy Be Sure Home Ground 2015
Twizzy Don't Panic Done With All The Bull 2015
Ruthless Educated People From Then Till Now 2015
Verses Bang Jordan In The Dog House 2015
Ruthless See The Signs (Remix) From Then Till Now 2 2015
Twizzy Feeling The Same Farmfoodz! 2014
Innuendo Back To Basics Spilt Ink LP 2013
Verb T Negative Energy I Remain 2013
Logic Never That (Remix) More True Talk 2013
Life MC Power Of The Mind Gift Of Life 2013
Karl Hinds 2 Late Black Timing 2012
Novar FLIP I Shot (Music Remix) Forever 2012
Big Cakes Lets Get Free CCC 2012
Dotz Oh My Audible Artistry 2012
Joker Starr Real Girls Blood-Ren 2012
Theme Shine and Take Off Toys Get Smoked 2012
Ghost Lets Vibe Best Kept Secrets Vol 1 2011
Rob Bradley Snooze Button Progression 2011
Poetic Pilgrimage Affirmation The Starwoman Mixtape 2010
Late Definition U.K Rapscallion 2010
Ruthless Educated People The EP (Educated People) 2010
Wordsmith Common Cause In Pursuit of Harmony 2009
Joker Starr Kingdom Come Northborough Estate Project 2009
Joker Starr Road Man Tune Northborough Estate Project 2009
Wordsmith The Coalition In Pursuit of Harmony 2009
Alex Blood Never Get Over Chapter One Guerilla Network 2007
Skinnyman 3rd Order Free Skinnyman 2005