The Black Rhyme Organisation To Help Equal Rights (B.R.O.T.H.E.R.) was a collection of UK hip-hop artists to raise awareness of the racial inequalities of the South African apartheid regime and rising inner city gun culture of the nineties. Members included Overlord X, Mike J, Demon D, Fresh Ski, Gatecrash, Junior San, Rodney P, Bionic, London Rhyme Syndicate, MC Mell'O, She Rockers, Betty Boo, Standing Ovation, The Icepick, Cookie Crew and Trouble & Bass

Members: Fresh Ski & Mo Rock, London Rhyme Syndicate, Overlord X, Standing Ovation, Cookie Crew, MC Mell'O', Demon Boyz, The Icepick, Rodney P, Million Dan, London Posse, She Rockers, Betty Boo


Release Year
GhettoGedden 1992
Beyond The 16th Parallel 1989