New Cross

Anglo-Iranian rapper from New Cross, London. Part of duo with producer Mark B in later career. Read more



Release Year
Guerrilla Tactics - 'The Only Way Forward Now!' 2006
Storms Are Brewing 2004
The Unknown 2000
Hitmen For Hire 1998
Planned And Executed 1995
The Lion Goes From Strength To Strength 1993
Survival Of The Hardest Workin' 1992
Lyrical Maniac 1989
Chart Moves 1988


Artist Track Album Year
T.H.E.M. The Sting Outside the Box 2023
Diversion Tactics Three Card Brag Careful on the Way Up 2010
Respek BA Soldiers The 250 2008
Skinnyman Boing Boing Free Skinnyman 2005
First Rate Hamburger Walky Talkyz 2005
Lady Fury Most MC's Hell Hath No Fury 2005