The Strange Neighbour


Rapper and producer from Croydon, London. Member of Tps Fam, International Waterz and Tuff Boyz

In Groups: TPS Fam


Release Year
Cinematic 2020
Mad Minds 2020
Project India 2019
The Heisenberg EP 2014


Artist Track Album Year
Flabz Status Pending The Undisputed Underdog 2023
Big Toast Cromwell Street Sensitive Content 2022
Renelle 893 & King Kashmere I Dunno Cocoa Butter 2022
Big Toast Junk Boyz Sensitive Content 2022
Big Toast Wankers Sensitive Content 2022
Big Toast Anyone Order A Tough Guy Who Shit In The Sandpit? 2020
Illinformed & Gee Bag Coming In Respect Ya Elders! 2020
Ill Move Sporadic Drug Slur Drug Corpse, Pt. 2 (Body Disposal) 2020
Illinformed & Gee Bag What You Speaking For? Respect Ya Elders! 2020
Big Toast Fuck Off Tarquin The Wedding Fund LP 2015
Jack Diggs The Bug Dirty Finger Nails 2013